Color coating line (CCL)

We deliver a series of line faciliities producing a color coated steel sheets which paints are coated on the steel strip surface through an annealing furnace. The color coating steel sheet is adopted touse as storerooms, building panel materials, household electrical appliances. Recently on the color coating line, it supports the needs of the printer devices.
Our original line equipped with complete features, e.g. low-price facilities, short lead time, compactness, energy saving, and high quality

Thickness 0.1~1,2mm
Width 610~1,250mm
Coil weight Max. 15tons
Coil I.D. Φ508mm/Φ610mm
Coil O.D. Max. Φ1,800mm
Tensile strength Max 600 N/mm2
Line speed Max 80m/min
Steel type Hot dip galvanized steel coils(GI)
Galfan steel(GF)

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