To connect a coil, putting a strip tip and strip end togather, then a hydrauric cylinder rises and engages a coil by a top and bottom convex knife.

Especially the mechanism to remove strips is our original system and we hold a patent.

In the case of before, there was the case which a strip does not come off from a knife after joining, But we dissolve it by a removing strip mechanism and we get a high evaluation from the customers.


Product lineup covering lots of functions.

Thickness 0.1~0.8mm
Width 450~1,250mm
Cycle time 10~15sec
Thickness 0.1~2.3mm
Width 450~1,250mm
Cycle time 20~30sec
Thickness 0.1~1.6mm
Width 450~1,250mm
Cycle time 10~15sec

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