Slitter line

This line, together with the shear line, is the principal facility in a coil center, and is used to make multiple slits in the steel sheets such as cold rolled steel sheets, hot rolled steel sheets and stainless steels from the thickness of 0.15 through 6.0mm, strip width from 300 through 1800mm.
The coils will be deliverd after machined into the required width for the next process such as blanking, or forming.

Thickness 0.3mm~3.2mm
Width ~650mm Mini slitter line
~1300mm Four-foot-width line
~1550mm Five-foot-width line
~1830mm Six-foot-width line
Coil weight 15,000kg
Line speed MAX 200m/min  
Threading speed 20m/min
Steel type Cold-rolled, surface-treated, pickled steel sheets, stainless steel, and aluminum
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