Side trimmer

his machine is intended for use in trimming coiled sheet steel material into sheet width, and arranged in a CGL, CCL, shear line, recoiling line, etc. The machine allows users to set “Clearance”, “Lap”, and “Trimming width” by entering the sheet width and sheet thickness with the touch panel. We also manufacture a “scrap borer”, “winder”, and “scrap chopper” as accessories for use with the side trimmer.

'High-accuracy side timer has been made commercially available.

Clearance ±0.01mm or less
Lap ±0.015mm or less
Stand width setting ±0.1mm
Burr: Max. MAX±0.01mm
Knife-change time Within 5 min. per stand at knife-change position.
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Turret-type side trimer


In this side trimer, the cutter arbor which has  2 heads is equipped to the each side of its frame.

When Head A is on-line, use Head B in the time of off-line which performs a knife exchange.

After changing knife, it turns the Head A and Head B automatically. So they are mainly adopted to the continuous line which cannot stop the production line.

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Turret-type scrap chopper

Like a side trimer, it is possible to exchange knife continually.

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Side Trimmer Automatic Rotary Knife Changer

This equipment has been designed to change rotary knives of the Side Trimmer automatically. By remote controls, Operator can stack the old knife to the knife magazine rack and taking new knife out from the magazine rack to set it to Side Trimmer. So the clearance adjuntment and the lapping adjustment will be much easier and faster. For operator's safety, he can change the knife from the outside of the working area, not from the inside of the working area.
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サイドトリマー自動刃替え装置 サイドトリマー自動刃替え装置 サイドトリマー自動刃替え装置 サイドトリマー自動刃替え装置
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