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Color coating line (CCL)

We deliver a series of line faciliities producing a color coated steel sheets which paints are coated on the steel strip surface through an annealing furnace. The color coating steel sheet is adopted touse as storerooms, building panel materials, household electrical appliances. Recently on the color coating line, it supports the needs of the printer devices.

Continuous galvanizing line (CGL)

We deliver a series of facilities producing a high quality galvanized steel sheet which plated in the zinc pot through the pretreatment device and an annealing furnace, passing through the skin pass mil and a tension leveller after cooled down.

Continuous annealing line

1) a Brilliant Annealing Line for stainless steels
2) a Continuous Annealing Line for nonferrous metals such as Copper and Aluminum having a narrow and/or a wide width.

Shear lines

1) a Rotary shear line
We deliver facilities producing cutting matarials from the thickness of 0.1 through 2.0mm, strip width from 500 through 1800mm in cold rolled steel sheets, alumunum and stainless steels. We get a high evaluation in the cutting accuracy and maintenancebility.
2) a Flying shear line
We deliver facilities producing cutting matarials from the thickness of 0.12 through 9.0mm, strip width from 650 through 2000mm in cold rolled steel sheets, hot rolled steel sheets and stainless steels. The adjustment of the gap of knives is very easy whatever the range of thickness is wide and we get a high evaluation functionally.

Slitter line

This line, together with the shear line, is the principal facility in a coil center, and is used to make multiple slits in the steel sheets such as cold rolled steel sheets, hot rolled steel sheets and stainless steels from the thickness of 0.15 through 6.0mm, strip width from 300 through 1800mm.
The coils will be deliverd after machined into the required width for the next process such as blanking, or forming.

Recoiling line

Recoiling line
The facility to re-coil the coil which are already annealled and pickled coming from the hot rolled steel sheet facility.
It is possible to check the face and the back side inspection of the strip, to match the edge and to cut coils into the length which user needs.
The specifications coming from the results are that strip thickness is 10mm maximum, strip width is 1600mm maximum, and line speed is 350m/min maximum.

Roll Coater

We design and produce a lot of coaters as follows:
(1) Roll coater for color coating line (CCL)
(2) Curtain flow coater for color coating line (CCL)
(3) Chemical coater for color coating line (CCL)
(4) chemical coater for continuous galvanizing line (CGL)
(5) Chemical coater for electric galvanizing line (EGL)
(6) Insulation paint application coater for silicon steel sheet painting line (CAL)


To connect a coil, putting a strip tip and strip end togather, then a hydrauric cylinder rises and engages a coil by a top and bottom convex knife.
Especially the mechanism to remove strips is our original system and we hold a patent.
In the case of before, there was the case which a strip does not come off from a knife after joining, But we dissolve it by a removing strip mechanism and we get a high evaluation from the customers.


The multi-leveller which improved a correction effect to a product.
It enable roll maintenance whatever the line is in operation and an upper roll will rise to reduce the damage to the roll at the time of the welding point passage.

Side trimmer

his machine is intended for use in trimming coiled sheet steel material into sheet width, and arranged in a CGL, CCL, shear line, recoiling line, etc. The machine allows users to set “Clearance”, “Lap”, and “Trimming width” by entering the sheet width and sheet thickness with the touch panel. We also manufacture a “scrap borer”, “winder”, and “scrap chopper” as accessories for use with the side trimmer.
'High-accuracy side timer has been made commercially available.

Turret-Type Pay-Off Reels

Two mandrels have the travels of over maximum coil diameter, and also they are arranged parallel to the support spindles. At the same time the spindle A is paying coil off, the spindle B will start preparing for the sleeve and paying coil off for the next new coil. In the whole entry facilities, the number of surrounding equipments are reduced. It means that the required worikng areas are reduced also. (The double cut shear and the pinch roll and so on are required only one set.)

Cleaning facility

It removes oil with alkali or a hydrocarbon and rinse it to remove mil oil attaching to the product surface of the entry side coil.
Because it is usually performed in the entry side at the process lines, there are large number of experience and results in us.

Industrial furnace

Continuous and batch annealing furnaces for stainless steel coils Continuous annealing furnace (AP furnace) for stainless steel coils Continuous and batch heating furnaces for billets Continuous and batch heat treating furnaces for billets Various exhaust gas incineration facilities Various combustion facilities Various high-temperature heat exchangers
"Offers low-price facilities, short lead time, compactness, energy savings, and high quality - Click the image to scale it up four times (x4)."


Individual parts order

We accept orders for the one piece of parts production and we are active for the production such as spare parts.
We perform quality control from materials arrangement to final acceptance inspection throughout.

Local remodeling construction, maintenance

Remodeling construction and maintenance become essential while a customer uses the facilities.
We will perform the ability-up remodeling construction and periodical maintenance to improve of the device of the customer in operation.

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